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Dreamline 4.3 Weekend


430 Weekend boat is a boat to boat twin with 430 Dreamline. The only thing changed only the deck, which makes for a more comfortable way to transport more people.

The boat has been designed typically for families and is a response to requests from our customers, who are not only active anglers but also want to ensure their immediate maximum active recreation on the water. At the rear of the boat, instead of lockers, there  are wide bench seats. It is also possible to mount the wheel console. The other parameters are the same as of model 430 Dreamline. 

The boat has a PRS certificate - issued by the Polish Register of Shipping, certifying the trials were conducted in displacement, buoyancy, and unsinkability ot the certified unit:

- Design category C / D

- 5-seater

- Dimensions: length 4.26 m, width 1.73 m, floor length - 2,23 m, width of the floor - 1,04 m, boat height 0.77 m, the height from the floor to the breakwater - 0,55 m, side height 0.62 m.

-  Total weight 200 kg.

- The possibility of mounting a motor up to 22 kW (30hp), transom 508 mm.

- Possibility of choice of color and configuration of the boat.

Boat Accessories:

- Cleats - 3 pcs

- Sockets + oarlocks for rowing paddles - 2 pcs

- 3 mooring ears

- Drain at the clipboard aft

- 4 lockable lockers so. "Kandaharki"

- Rubber bumper (to protect the boat from damage while tapping into platforms)

- Drainage

- 2 rod holders

- Two cup holders


- Set of railings  

- Swivel fishing chairs + seats 

- External upholstery - mattresses  

- Transport bag  

- Console + steering system and steering wheel  

- Windlass 

- 3-step ladder  

- Removable mattress sun in front of the boat - Length 185 cm 

- stainless steel plate for keel

- Additional rod holders mounted on rails 

- Roof sunscreen - foldable inox construction without tapes

- trailer dedicated to the boat  

- Honda and Suzuki outboards

- electric trolling motors

- Garmin fishfinders


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